Sunday, 16 June 2013

Spending and Saving


Today has been a spending and saving day all in one, how on earth do I manage it?  We needed to buy a new booster seat for the car (a requirement in UK all children under 12 need a special seat in cars) so I trawled the internet looking for a bargain (like I do) I used a cashback site and clicked through to receive cashback on my purchase.

This one:

Quidco pay out really well and I've used them for years without any problems, I totally recommend them to you.  Click on the link above and sign up today.

I then found out that Tesco was the best price as I can collect in store rather than having to pay for postage and there is a chance of having to que up for an ice age in the sorting office when they have called to deliver and I'm NOT in.

I then remember that I have those Tesco vouchers in an envelope that will come in handy one day, lo and behold the day has come and I am now the owner (well I will be on Tuesday) of a brand new car seat that has cost me the grand total of NOTHING to buy, PLUS I will be paid cashback for buying my FREE car seat.

Use the link and join Quidco today, It's a nice little suprise when you get an unexpected payment in your bank account.

I LOVE being paid to shop.

Dawn x