Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday, Sunday and an unattractive shade of green

Well hello,

I think I can finally say I feel better after a week of feeling like death, really nasty little bug it was.

The kids stopped up last night to watch 'the voice' (it's a singing competition on tv) so you would think they would have a nice lie in to compensate, forget that at 5am Peaches ran into my room and announced the tooth fairy had been, she insisted on flicking on the big light so I could get a proper view of the coin that was left in place of her tooth.  This delight was followed by Pixie running into Peaches' room to see if the tooth fairy was still there (she wanted to see her).

By 6am we were all downstairs having breakfast and J is off to work.  How else to spend Sunday but simply?  A rest and relax before having a week trying to catch up on what should have been done last week.  So out comes a dvd;
The kids and I love Wallace and Gromit.

I also whilst watching the above dvd continued to create a large crochet bed cover, it's work in progress but I have recently been gifted 2 large bags of wool so having fun lol.

We are having an easy day today lunch will be a vegetarian grill up and were having a Roast Turkey dinner for tea with gravy.

Before we know where we are it will be bath time and bedtime.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday
Love Dawn x