Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunny Pictures and A Winner

Hiya everyone

Today I thought I would share with you some photos of yesturday's fun in the sun.  Complete with sun hats and lashings of suncream as standard.

Happy playing outside in the sunshine, I really hope this lovely weather continues for all of summer, especially when we go away nothing worse than camping in the rain (albeit in a very nice static caravan)
Today we have another sunny day and I plan to tackle the bedding and get the lot washed and dried whilst it is nice plus the kids can duck under the sheets for shade when it gets too hot later on.  It is times like this you wonder why people go to Spain for their holidays as on a beautiful summers day in England it is merely a waste of money to go abroad, however in England the weather is something we CANNOT guarantee.  I'm glad to see the kids summer dresses I got out washed and ironed have been able to be worn as at one point we wondered if we were just going to have a full year of Winter.

Well we have a WINNER of the bracelet giveaway,

drum roll please.....

The winner is Michelle.
Congratulations if you could send me a comment (which I will not publish with your address details I shall get it posted off to you.

For anybody who loved the bracelet but did not win these bracelets are available for purchase in my shop.