Wednesday, 24 July 2013

School Holidays

Hello everyone,

Have you all broken up from school for school holidays?  Here we have 6 weeks off and shall return in September.  I've ordered most of the new school uniforms already, plus we have a few appointments to attend to dentist, eye hospital and hairdressers so were getting them all sorted now so we don't need time off school.

 We are happily filling our days with craft activities and playing outside in the yard, poor Pixie came a cropper on the cobbles and grazed just about everything but is healing now.  I am finding that the kids seem to be constantly hungry and have gone through £100 work of fresh stuff since Sunday when we last did our big shop eeeeek.  I'll be bankrupt by September at this rate!  I have plans to do some baking that will cost me next to nothing and fill up these hungry tummies.

Do you find that your food bill rises in the summer holidays?  Are your kids bankrupting you already with days out activities?

Have fun
Love Dawn x 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Another scorcher, Another day with challenges

Hiya everyone,

Today It has been so hot here you can barely breathe I'm hoping it is a little cooler tomorrow as the heat is making me feel slightly not good.

We have had disruptive services to phone, broadband and tv again, usually just at the time when you need to use these things.  The printer which worked fine yesturday decided to die a death when I needed to print off invoices (much ranting whilst trying to locate the receipt to take it back to Asda as only had it since April), J took it back to Asda so I spent my evening after collecting Peaches from her rainbows party installing new printer (more ranting, screetching etc) and generally being infuriated (not helped by the hot weather at all).  I printed off the invoices, sorted receipts, filled all paperwork and finally got sorted out.  J informs me there is now something wrong with car, I'm hiding lol.

I have spent my day other than fighting the tide of technology in an oasis of calm at my studio space (kitchen table) making items for my shop and a custom order.

Here are some pics of the custom order I made.......

Pictures of the other items I still need to upload (broadband issues pending).  Feel free to check out my other items or to request a custom order at

Hope your day is less stressful than mine.
Love Dawn x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Utilities die one by one

Hiya everyone,

This week has seen a burst water main which meant no water or brown water for 10 hours on a very hot day.  This morning at 5am we were woken by the sound of heavy plant machinary digging up the road at the end of our street and by 8am we had no landline, no tv or broadband.  All are now back up and running well for the time being anyway until somebody else chops through something else.  We only have the gas and electric left to go now and we'll have had a week of losing the lot lol.  Well you have to laugh otherwise you'd cry.  Thank goodness for a contract mobile is all I can say, I could report the problem and phone my mum up (as usual).

The best bit was the small talk when the guy who I reported the problem too asked me was I not at work today?, to which I said not without an internet connection no.  The subject was quickly changed, bless it's not his fault, that lies with the heavy handed moron who chopped through the cable.

Love Dawn x (who is still suprisingly cheerful considering it all seems to be hitting the fan).

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A tour of my workspace

Hiya everyone

After seeing this on another blog I was asked to blog a tour of my creative workspace.  So here are the photos of where I create my items, dream up my ideas and make my dreams become a reality.

This is my work area for creating jewellery. (oh yes the kitchen table!)

Knitting and crochet are done wherever I amat the moment it's ouside in my backyard.

Combining working with childcare, me and Pixie outside in the yard.

Mid making session.

The high up cupboard where everything is stored away from little fingers that want to help.

My pc where I do all my admin and run my online shop.

So there you have it this is where I run my business from my studio tour. 

Dawn x

Custom orders I have made recently

Hiya everyone,

I'm currently making some new stock for my online shop

Here are a taster of custom orders I have just made for some bag charms for school book bags.  An easy way to find your own bookbag in a sea of identical book bags.

If you would like me to make you a custom order please contact me at the shop above, stating what colour, Inital and theme you would like.

I'm really pleased to say that each child loved their bag charm.

Have fun
Love Dawn x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Boiling sunshine and NO water

Hiya everyone

We are experiencing some seriously warm sunshine here recently which is fabulous in most respects, we all survived sports day in this heat last week and are having evening play outside in the back yard mainly to cool off as the house is too hot (with the exception of the playroom which is always an icebox whatever the weather).

Sunday arrived and we turned on the taps to find low water pressure and then brown water, wonderful we thought 7am boiling day and no water so off we trundle to the supermarket to get some bottled water (think Smart Price not Evian lol) and I finally managed to get Princess school dress washed and dry ready for today, I washed it last night and dried it overnight.  So we had 10hrs on a very hot day with no water.  This morning I have been catching up on all water related jobs that I couldn't get done yesturday.

The kids are now on their last week of school and today is St Swithins Day apparently whatever weather we have today will continue for 40 days and 40 nights I believe.  Last year it came true it pee'd it down all summer due to a very wet St Swithins Day.

Nearly the summer holidays .....So what have you all got planned?

Dawn x

Saving money the easy way, no pain involved

Hiya everyone

Today I thought I would tell you how I have managed to save myself an easy £105 by shopping around for J's car insurance.  It would have taken a ten minute phone call to accept the renewal price they offered, however I thought I could get a better deal and I did.

Instead of wasting my ten minutes on the phone accepting an inflated renewal quote I searched on a comparison website and did the whole thing online in ten minutes.  This meant a happy J (who has his car insurance sorted) and a happy me(I juggle sort the budget and bills).

I also used Quidco link is here

I entered the comparison site from here meaning I got paid to search and buy the insurance I was going to buy anyway.  Use the above link to join up today.

Have fun
Dawn x

Friday, 12 July 2013

A mum that makes

Hiya everyone,

Today I think we will rock the purple text for a change.  I thought I would show you something that I have started to make recently.

Peaches received a giftof Princesses an accessories which she will be guaranteed to loose the tiy bits out of, SO mummy is knitting her a bag to keep all the bits together in her requeested colour of you guessed it PINK.

So here is the start of the bright pink bag.

I have made them previously for the girls to keep their toys in they each have large ones containing Barbie dolls and their accessories and we find them really handy to keep all the small parts together.

I shall post a picture of the bag when I have finished it.  In the meantime you can view other items I make at my online shop

Have fun
Love Dawn

Frugal packed lunch

Woohoo Blogger will let me blog today so here's the post it wouldn't let me post on Tuesday.

On Monday the kids went to school with a 'waste not want not' packed lunch of left overs.

This consisted of:

* a ham barmcake (barmcake left over from the bbq, ham bought specially)
* squeezy yogurt (last 2 in the fridge)
* a piece of birthday cake (from party)
* strawberries (home grown and delicious)
* some crisps (last bits left from a big bag so decanted into a sandwich bag for school)
* a cup drink (from party)

As a result there was NO waste from the party and everything was eaten.

 We tried to keep the BBQ as green as possible, recycled everything that could be recycled and cleared up any mess in the back aleyway (where we held the BBQ) and use mostly washable glasses, plates etc.  Costwise even with alcohol the party cost less than it would have been for a soft play party for 20 children, plus I got to make pink cupcakes in various different shades (yay excited me).  It was a pink themed party as peaches loves pink and princesses.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Catch Up Time

Well hello,

Firstly I apologise for not posting recently, My little girl Peaches had a birthday, plus a birthday BBQ party at the weekend, we had fantastic weather and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time, What a busy week we have had.  So now as Pixie paints pictures at the kithen table and the girls are back in school I can finally catch up with you.   Here are a few photos of our week.

Eating ice creams at party in the park. (Saturday)

Above is party in the park.

Me and my girls at the BBQ.

Painting outside whilst a very tired mummy sat on the bench in the shade trying not to fall asleep.

Hope your all having fun in the sun (suncream and sun hats as standard)

Love Dawn x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Happy Birthday to Peaches


Today we have a birthday in the house (although the party is not until Sunday) My little Peaches is 6 and is tremendously excited.  She has had an exciting morning of opening cards and pressies and has now bobbed off to school proudly showing her birthday badge.  She has a pink sparkly birthday cake for after her tea.  (I shall add photos later when I've uploaded them).  Right I suppose I best crack on lots to do before the party on Sunday.

Have fun

Love Dawn x