Friday, 19 July 2013

Another scorcher, Another day with challenges

Hiya everyone,

Today It has been so hot here you can barely breathe I'm hoping it is a little cooler tomorrow as the heat is making me feel slightly not good.

We have had disruptive services to phone, broadband and tv again, usually just at the time when you need to use these things.  The printer which worked fine yesturday decided to die a death when I needed to print off invoices (much ranting whilst trying to locate the receipt to take it back to Asda as only had it since April), J took it back to Asda so I spent my evening after collecting Peaches from her rainbows party installing new printer (more ranting, screetching etc) and generally being infuriated (not helped by the hot weather at all).  I printed off the invoices, sorted receipts, filled all paperwork and finally got sorted out.  J informs me there is now something wrong with car, I'm hiding lol.

I have spent my day other than fighting the tide of technology in an oasis of calm at my studio space (kitchen table) making items for my shop and a custom order.

Here are some pics of the custom order I made.......

Pictures of the other items I still need to upload (broadband issues pending).  Feel free to check out my other items or to request a custom order at

Hope your day is less stressful than mine.
Love Dawn x