Monday, 15 July 2013

Boiling sunshine and NO water

Hiya everyone

We are experiencing some seriously warm sunshine here recently which is fabulous in most respects, we all survived sports day in this heat last week and are having evening play outside in the back yard mainly to cool off as the house is too hot (with the exception of the playroom which is always an icebox whatever the weather).

Sunday arrived and we turned on the taps to find low water pressure and then brown water, wonderful we thought 7am boiling day and no water so off we trundle to the supermarket to get some bottled water (think Smart Price not Evian lol) and I finally managed to get Princess school dress washed and dry ready for today, I washed it last night and dried it overnight.  So we had 10hrs on a very hot day with no water.  This morning I have been catching up on all water related jobs that I couldn't get done yesturday.

The kids are now on their last week of school and today is St Swithins Day apparently whatever weather we have today will continue for 40 days and 40 nights I believe.  Last year it came true it pee'd it down all summer due to a very wet St Swithins Day.

Nearly the summer holidays .....So what have you all got planned?

Dawn x