Friday, 12 July 2013

Frugal packed lunch

Woohoo Blogger will let me blog today so here's the post it wouldn't let me post on Tuesday.

On Monday the kids went to school with a 'waste not want not' packed lunch of left overs.

This consisted of:

* a ham barmcake (barmcake left over from the bbq, ham bought specially)
* squeezy yogurt (last 2 in the fridge)
* a piece of birthday cake (from party)
* strawberries (home grown and delicious)
* some crisps (last bits left from a big bag so decanted into a sandwich bag for school)
* a cup drink (from party)

As a result there was NO waste from the party and everything was eaten.

 We tried to keep the BBQ as green as possible, recycled everything that could be recycled and cleared up any mess in the back aleyway (where we held the BBQ) and use mostly washable glasses, plates etc.  Costwise even with alcohol the party cost less than it would have been for a soft play party for 20 children, plus I got to make pink cupcakes in various different shades (yay excited me).  It was a pink themed party as peaches loves pink and princesses.