Wednesday, 24 July 2013

School Holidays

Hello everyone,

Have you all broken up from school for school holidays?  Here we have 6 weeks off and shall return in September.  I've ordered most of the new school uniforms already, plus we have a few appointments to attend to dentist, eye hospital and hairdressers so were getting them all sorted now so we don't need time off school.

 We are happily filling our days with craft activities and playing outside in the yard, poor Pixie came a cropper on the cobbles and grazed just about everything but is healing now.  I am finding that the kids seem to be constantly hungry and have gone through £100 work of fresh stuff since Sunday when we last did our big shop eeeeek.  I'll be bankrupt by September at this rate!  I have plans to do some baking that will cost me next to nothing and fill up these hungry tummies.

Do you find that your food bill rises in the summer holidays?  Are your kids bankrupting you already with days out activities?

Have fun
Love Dawn x