Thursday, 18 July 2013

Utilities die one by one

Hiya everyone,

This week has seen a burst water main which meant no water or brown water for 10 hours on a very hot day.  This morning at 5am we were woken by the sound of heavy plant machinary digging up the road at the end of our street and by 8am we had no landline, no tv or broadband.  All are now back up and running well for the time being anyway until somebody else chops through something else.  We only have the gas and electric left to go now and we'll have had a week of losing the lot lol.  Well you have to laugh otherwise you'd cry.  Thank goodness for a contract mobile is all I can say, I could report the problem and phone my mum up (as usual).

The best bit was the small talk when the guy who I reported the problem too asked me was I not at work today?, to which I said not without an internet connection no.  The subject was quickly changed, bless it's not his fault, that lies with the heavy handed moron who chopped through the cable.

Love Dawn x (who is still suprisingly cheerful considering it all seems to be hitting the fan).