Friday, 30 August 2013

Everything changes

Hiya everyone,

We currently have some big changes afoot in our household.  Changes in employment and working hours (I will get to see my husband more) and general household changes such as Pixie going to nursery school (I will thoroughly miss my little shadow who follows me around everywhere I go and I mean everywhere).

On the plus side of it all I will get my jobs done in a fraction of the time it usually takes to get them done, however the bit I am dreading is the school run as I have always had the company of a little person whilst I do it and for the first time ever I'm not going to have this.  It will take some getting use to, especially the quiet, my house is never quiet and I don't know if I'm looking forward to that or not.

A mixed post today readers not my usual jovial ones.

Dawn x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

More joy at the kitchen table


Today J is working so it's just me and the girls who have all had a spend in the toyshop with their birthday money.  One of the items bought was a paint your own egg cup set so here they are during:

and after.

my poor kitchen table being hard at work again.

Have fun

Dawn x

A trip to the vet

Well hello,

Today we have had to take the lovely Bob to the vets.  (not money saving at all but necessary).  Poor Bob has been having sneezing attacks to the point we thought he would end tying his own ears in a bow.  I got him in the vet today to find out the poor love has got an infection and needs antibiotics.  So we gave him the first lot when we got home and he hid in his hiddy hole after that refusing to be our friends.  I hope the antibiotics work and he is back to feeling normal soon.

We where also told to take the receipt to the place where we bought him and they will refund us for his treatment as we have only just got him so more than likely wasn't healthy when we bought him.

Dawn x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back Baking

Hiya everyone

After finally managing to put half a stone on in weight (much needed I just need another stone now) I have my appetite back again so with this the cookery books are out again and i'm thinking of delicious ideas to make.

Today we have had ham salad pitta breads for lunch which were delicious followed by sliced apple, with natural yogurt and grated dark chocolate.

I also made this blackcurrent and fresh cream victoria sponge earlier in the week.  I used exactly the same recipe as for the snowcake just used a blackcurrent jam filling and fresh double cream that I'd whipped.  A dusting a of icing sugar and it's all done.
Cakes for me have to be big and yummy looking, the type you may have if you visit a tea shop.  I love tea and drink too much of it in a day at times, however there is nothing better to accompany a slice of cake in my opinion.

Has anyone else been baking?  What do you like to make?

Love Dawn

Friday, 23 August 2013

Dawn RoseCreates has a facebook page

Hiya everyone

I now have a facebook page have a look at my initial bagcharms and design a bracelet.  These make excellent gifts and stocking fillers as christmas is on its way soon.  Any questions feel free to ask!

My page is

Please click like if that is the case and share it with your friends.

Many thanks


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Snow cake (not made with real snow haha)

Well hello everyone,

Today I thought I would bring you the recipe for snowcake.  This is my own invention as I have tried to improve my icing technique (I'm getting there)  I'm typing this with a sore index finger and a dodgy cursor so please bare with.

Firstly I use a basic sponge recipe


8oz self raising flour
8oz butter
8oz caster sugar
baking powder
4 eggs


1) All in a large bowl, mix using an electric hand whisk (I'm not really a gadget girl so no posh mixer here)

2) Pour into large cake cases (Bought in Asda although can be found cheaper in Home Bargains)  bake in a pre heated oven for 35-40 mins on  gas mark 4.

3) When cooled allow to cool on wire racks, (I use to use the top of the grill at first before I bought my racks).

4) In the middle is strawberry jam (smart price) and  for the icing I mixed up desicated coconut (bought from Aldi) and icing sugar with a tiny amount of water to make a thick paste, pour on top of top layer and allow to drip down the sides in homemade stylee.  This cake is definately a Sunday tea treat cake (I took one to my mother in laws when we went for tea and they loved it).

This cake tastes delicious, it cost next to nothing to make, and it is filling.  This is definately a family pleaser if you try this cake please tell me what you think.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

We have a new member of our household

Hiya everyone,

We have a new little fwellow who has come to join our household.  He is a little white lop eared rabbit called Bob, he is an indoor rabbit and is loved to bits by all of us.  We are currently litter training him and he loves nothing more than a good old thump round the living room.

He is fab company and an excellent listener especially when J is working lates and the kids are not here.  (I'm not use to being on my own).  Bob is incredibly soft and a placid happy little bunny, he seems to have settled in and taken to us quite well.  The kids are good with him and love him to bits.  I shall try to upload a pic of him very soon as the camera isn't having it tonight.

Our other news of the day is we have had Sky installed.  It was costing us £43.00 a month with Virgin for just phone and broadband which is really dear for what you get.  I looked into Sky and found I could get T.v. broadband and phone for £44 a month.  I used Quidco cashback site and have recieved £130 cashback for signing up plus £100 M and S e voucher.  If your spending you might as well see if you save or make a little money too, it all helps for the family pot.

I have three happy kids as we have Bob and a happy husband because we have Sky and he has Sky Sports news back again, lets just hope we get a look in now and then eh folks.

Hope your all enjoying the school holidays

Love Dawn x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Make money while your spending money

Hiya everyone

I just wanted to share with you some excellent links, these are the tried and trusted, used by me cashback links and they have paid out to me many a time.

When I shop for anything online I do my research to find the cheapest price and the best deal.

I then use either topcashback site
0r quidco
Then enter the shop I want to buy from.  The cashback website tracks your sale and pays you a percentage back based on the price you have paid.  These amounts can tot up over time and I find can be quite large at times when shopping round for insurances, utilities, white goods, electricals etc and also when doing my largest shop of the year the Christmas shop.  You can also buy holidays through these cashback sites as I have done before.
So remember everytime you have to buy something shop through either one of these first to get your cashback.
Love Dawn

Sunday, 18 August 2013

An enjoyable Sunday, new shoes and blackberrying

Hiya everyone,

Today I did my last bit of School kit shopping (3 pairs of school shoes from Clarks)  I am now £100 lighter but I see this a necessary spend.  Firstly because all my children have issues with their feet and have had physio, special boots, issues walking and 2 of them are still under podiatry, plus Princess has special insoles in her shoes so I like to make sure I get the best I can afford for them.  Secondly they spend alot of time in their school shoes so they need to be fitted correctly and be comfy and thirdly I believe shoes is one of those areas where you buy cheap you buy twice so on all accounts I feel it's £100 well spent and I save up all year so I can do this without fretting about how I will be able to afford it.  The kiddies are all set up and sorted now ready for school.

Today was suppose to be sunshine and showers however this afternoon it has been glorious and J is off today so off we went to pick blackberries we had a whale of a time, I did get nettled and prickled but it is all part of the fun, plus my hands where bright pink with juice by the time I'd finished lol however we now have 3 freezer bags full of berries in our freezer and It cost us no more than an enjoyable day out.  Princess and Peaches both bumped into friends whilst we were out and  cheeky young cat befriended us and was miaowing at us the whole entire time, hiding and then racing past us them zooming back to us again, it was very sweet and the kids loved that cat.  (We have a cat but he isn't as friendly as that one).

Today has been lots of fun

Dawn x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Well hello

Hiya everyone,

Today I have been labelling all school clothes for all three children it's a right task I tell you.  I'm so glad it is all done now.  Pixie looks ever so sweet in her nursery uniform but also looks still very much like a baby to be in a uniform.   J is back at work now so it is just me and the girls filling our days, me preparing for winter and planning cost cutting measures as ever, I'm also working on new stock for my shop which is an ongoing task.  This Sunday will see us shopping for school shoes at Clarks (shake shake) and thats the last of the back to school shopping complete. 

Also on Sunday weather permitting J suggested we go blackberry picking (free food) which I think the kids will love, I'm thinking blackberry crumble and cheesecake will be in order but for now they will go into the freezer.

So far this year I haven't been able to make any overpayments on my mortgage due to having to pay for Pixie's nursery place, however I'm hoping to change that very soon now that I have done a re budget after finally getting final figures for this year.

Hope your all enjoying the school holidays only 2 and a bit weeks left now and everything will change again.

Love Dawn x

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wareham, a little place I loved

Hiya everyone,

Whilst we were on holiday we stopped off at a little place called Wareham, it has independent shops and caters for most of your needs I totally loved this place.  We spent a few hours here mooching around, feeding the ducks on the Quay and watching the boats.  There is a walls walk but I didn't think the pushchair or my injured leg (another story) would make it round as it was up a huge grassy hill.

I also found this fab little recycled shop that reuses things and sells them as either pre loved or makes them into new things.  At the back of this shop they had a little cafe, we stopped for a cream tea.  I loved it as it seemed so unique and everything was mismatched (a bit like being at home).

Here are a few photos of the cafe/shop.

 The photos don't do it justice.
The back door is actually in place of a gate.

 Sat outside under the pink parasole.
Inside with the cakes.

 Quaint little bathroom complete with knitted lady hiding the spare loo roll.
An old stepladder used as storage/display.

This completes my holiday photos I hope you enjoyed looking at them.
Have you been away this year? 

Love Dawn x

Dorset holiday part 3

 These photos were taken at farmer palmers (petting zoo sort of thing, the kids loved it) 
 In one barn they had made different sizes of slides with haystacks as steps.
 We bottle fed lambs and goats.
 Here is Pixie meeting the piglet. (very cute)
 This was a woodland walk we went on at farmer Palmers, around each corner there seemed to be another object.
 This little fellow.
 A happy sunflower.
 Toadstool seats.
 A gingerbread house.
 A waterfall.
We also went in the maize maze and even managed to find the middle.

Hold on now folks because we are nearly there.

Have fun Dawn. x

Dorset Holiday part 2

These photos were taken on the only wet day we had, a rather soggy and rather lovely ride on a steam train on swanage railway.
 Soggy us.
 The steam engine.
 Inside the carriage.
Swanage beach.

It did dry up and was warm and sunny in the afternoon, we enjoyed a full day here and had a really nice pub lunch.

Our holiday 2013

Hiya everyone

As promised I said I would share with you some pics of my holiday.  We went to Poole in Dorset a beautiful part of the world.

So here we go:

This is where we stayed

 Three cheeky imps sat on the caravan steps wolfing ice lollies.
 A picnic on Sandbanks beach (ever the money saver)
 A much needed cup of tea and me looking a bit rough (we were up at 4am to beat the traffic)
 Daddy and his little ladies all ready for making sandcastles.
 Having a paddle in the sea.

This was only the start I shall spread them out over a few blogs showing different places we visited.

Have fun
Love Dawn x

Monday, 5 August 2013

I'm back........

Hiya everyone,

As you may have noticed I've not been on for a while, the reason being I have been away with my family on holiday and been having a fab time.  We stayed in Sandford park in Dorset (near Poole) which was beautiful and we were really lucky with the weather.  It took us 5hrs to travel down there (the worst bit for me, I don't travel very well I'm afraid) but definately well worth the travel down and the kids didn't want to leave (neither did I if I'm truthful lol).  This week I shall upload my photos.

Since I have come back I've had a Camera malfuntion (so took my three month old camera back and got a newer model plus £8 back)  Blogger as also been playing up for me and yesturday I managed to make £175 by switching my internet and broadband provider plus I have managed to save myself £167.76 a year by switching my mobile phone provider and I get a brand new up to date phone thrown in too.  I shall explain all in detail throughout the week plus upload my holiday pics for you all to see. 

For now I'm off to do some work, I'm making new stock for my shop so busy, busy, busy as usual lol.

Take care

Love Dawn x