Sunday, 18 August 2013

An enjoyable Sunday, new shoes and blackberrying

Hiya everyone,

Today I did my last bit of School kit shopping (3 pairs of school shoes from Clarks)  I am now £100 lighter but I see this a necessary spend.  Firstly because all my children have issues with their feet and have had physio, special boots, issues walking and 2 of them are still under podiatry, plus Princess has special insoles in her shoes so I like to make sure I get the best I can afford for them.  Secondly they spend alot of time in their school shoes so they need to be fitted correctly and be comfy and thirdly I believe shoes is one of those areas where you buy cheap you buy twice so on all accounts I feel it's £100 well spent and I save up all year so I can do this without fretting about how I will be able to afford it.  The kiddies are all set up and sorted now ready for school.

Today was suppose to be sunshine and showers however this afternoon it has been glorious and J is off today so off we went to pick blackberries we had a whale of a time, I did get nettled and prickled but it is all part of the fun, plus my hands where bright pink with juice by the time I'd finished lol however we now have 3 freezer bags full of berries in our freezer and It cost us no more than an enjoyable day out.  Princess and Peaches both bumped into friends whilst we were out and  cheeky young cat befriended us and was miaowing at us the whole entire time, hiding and then racing past us them zooming back to us again, it was very sweet and the kids loved that cat.  (We have a cat but he isn't as friendly as that one).

Today has been lots of fun

Dawn x