Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back Baking

Hiya everyone

After finally managing to put half a stone on in weight (much needed I just need another stone now) I have my appetite back again so with this the cookery books are out again and i'm thinking of delicious ideas to make.

Today we have had ham salad pitta breads for lunch which were delicious followed by sliced apple, with natural yogurt and grated dark chocolate.

I also made this blackcurrent and fresh cream victoria sponge earlier in the week.  I used exactly the same recipe as for the snowcake just used a blackcurrent jam filling and fresh double cream that I'd whipped.  A dusting a of icing sugar and it's all done.
Cakes for me have to be big and yummy looking, the type you may have if you visit a tea shop.  I love tea and drink too much of it in a day at times, however there is nothing better to accompany a slice of cake in my opinion.

Has anyone else been baking?  What do you like to make?

Love Dawn