Thursday, 22 August 2013

Snow cake (not made with real snow haha)

Well hello everyone,

Today I thought I would bring you the recipe for snowcake.  This is my own invention as I have tried to improve my icing technique (I'm getting there)  I'm typing this with a sore index finger and a dodgy cursor so please bare with.

Firstly I use a basic sponge recipe


8oz self raising flour
8oz butter
8oz caster sugar
baking powder
4 eggs


1) All in a large bowl, mix using an electric hand whisk (I'm not really a gadget girl so no posh mixer here)

2) Pour into large cake cases (Bought in Asda although can be found cheaper in Home Bargains)  bake in a pre heated oven for 35-40 mins on  gas mark 4.

3) When cooled allow to cool on wire racks, (I use to use the top of the grill at first before I bought my racks).

4) In the middle is strawberry jam (smart price) and  for the icing I mixed up desicated coconut (bought from Aldi) and icing sugar with a tiny amount of water to make a thick paste, pour on top of top layer and allow to drip down the sides in homemade stylee.  This cake is definately a Sunday tea treat cake (I took one to my mother in laws when we went for tea and they loved it).

This cake tastes delicious, it cost next to nothing to make, and it is filling.  This is definately a family pleaser if you try this cake please tell me what you think.