Wednesday, 21 August 2013

We have a new member of our household

Hiya everyone,

We have a new little fwellow who has come to join our household.  He is a little white lop eared rabbit called Bob, he is an indoor rabbit and is loved to bits by all of us.  We are currently litter training him and he loves nothing more than a good old thump round the living room.

He is fab company and an excellent listener especially when J is working lates and the kids are not here.  (I'm not use to being on my own).  Bob is incredibly soft and a placid happy little bunny, he seems to have settled in and taken to us quite well.  The kids are good with him and love him to bits.  I shall try to upload a pic of him very soon as the camera isn't having it tonight.

Our other news of the day is we have had Sky installed.  It was costing us £43.00 a month with Virgin for just phone and broadband which is really dear for what you get.  I looked into Sky and found I could get T.v. broadband and phone for £44 a month.  I used Quidco cashback site and have recieved £130 cashback for signing up plus £100 M and S e voucher.  If your spending you might as well see if you save or make a little money too, it all helps for the family pot.

I have three happy kids as we have Bob and a happy husband because we have Sky and he has Sky Sports news back again, lets just hope we get a look in now and then eh folks.

Hope your all enjoying the school holidays

Love Dawn x