Friday, 16 August 2013

Well hello

Hiya everyone,

Today I have been labelling all school clothes for all three children it's a right task I tell you.  I'm so glad it is all done now.  Pixie looks ever so sweet in her nursery uniform but also looks still very much like a baby to be in a uniform.   J is back at work now so it is just me and the girls filling our days, me preparing for winter and planning cost cutting measures as ever, I'm also working on new stock for my shop which is an ongoing task.  This Sunday will see us shopping for school shoes at Clarks (shake shake) and thats the last of the back to school shopping complete. 

Also on Sunday weather permitting J suggested we go blackberry picking (free food) which I think the kids will love, I'm thinking blackberry crumble and cheesecake will be in order but for now they will go into the freezer.

So far this year I haven't been able to make any overpayments on my mortgage due to having to pay for Pixie's nursery place, however I'm hoping to change that very soon now that I have done a re budget after finally getting final figures for this year.

Hope your all enjoying the school holidays only 2 and a bit weeks left now and everything will change again.

Love Dawn x