Sunday, 29 September 2013

I'm back

Hiya really sorry I haven't been around for a while the last few weeks have taken everything out of me and seem to have been in a flat spin.  So what have I been up too?  Sorting out my gas and electric suppliers, getting kids settled back in to school, rainbows, brownies etc and they have had numerous parties.

As for me I have been working on a few things and have added some new items to my shop. also find me at facebook at

Here's a sneaky peek at what I have been making:
A skull watch.

 Raspberry and Pink  baby blanket.

 A cream, red and navy blue baby blanket.

Another hectic week ahead of me and I really need to get my head around christmas, it is all go, go, go!

Hope everyone is getting on well.

Love Dawn x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The day is here

The day Pixie has been waiting for since June, her first day of nursery school I'm happy to say that she waltzed in this morning happy as can be and has been waiting from 7am this morning to leave the house, chomping at the bit.  I hope she is having a fabulous day and me and Bob are missing her.  Bob seems a bit lost as he comes out the hutch in the morning and Pixie is always there, this morning he just sat in his run looking lost as I cleaned his hutch.

Good Luck Pixie hope you have a wonderful day!

Ah well I best crack on with some work, todays task is to start de-summering the wardrobes.

Dawn x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Christmas and getting organised

Hello everyone,

This week Pixie starts Nursery school (Thursday).  She only does one day this week to try it out and then she is in 2 and a half days after that, Pixie is looking forward to going.  It means I have 2 and a half days to dedicate to my online shop without constant demands and requests.  I shall also be able to start to prepare for Christmas.

I'm sorry I know mentioning Christmas in September is up there with swearing to some people but if you start now it will be cheaper.

This is what I do:

I save a set amount out of wages every month and when it gets to September I have the bulk of the money I need to make a serious dent in the shopping.  I then scour the internet to get the best deals on the items I need to buy, I shop using quidco  or topcashback  I check both to see which has the best deal.  I also like places with free delivery lol.

I then not only enter the new year with NO debts but with a cash lump sum from my cashback payouts.  You could then save this to put towards next years Christmas, or as I have done in the past towards a new much needed household appliance in the sale (purchased using a cashback site of course and usually free delivery).

I shall be starting my shopping in the next week or so and I shall be shopping with a list and sticking to a budget.

Has anyone else started christmas shopping yet?  Do you save all year round?

Readers it's over to you....

Love Dawn

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bob the rabbit

Well hello,

This is Bob our little rabbit who we have had a fortnight, the poor little thing has had an infection so has required antibiotics for the last week and hasn't been a well boy.  We took Bob back to the vets today and he is slowly recovering from his infection.  If anybody has seen the duracell bunny they have seen Bob during a sneezing fit.  He has to continue on his antibiotics and he has put on some weight (yay) you can tell he is feeling better as he thumps around the room bunny hopping mid way and all you see is two ears flying in the air plus a powder puff tail.

I have a banging headache at the moment (I think I must have been stressed about Bob being ok, as since I have got back from the vets It has arrived, it must be relief)

I have sat down  with a much needed cup of tea and I'm currently doing like for like costings on everything Bob will need and seeing where is the best place to buy it.

So far for his litter (we have sucessfully litter trained him in 2 weeks) and hay we find that Home Bargains are the cheapest for Hay and Litter, Asda is cheapest for rabbit food and currently on offer,  I currently have a giant wood shavings bag that doesn't seem to be going down and I'm yet to find a better deal on this yet but I am still searching!

Any suggestions on best buys on woodshavings?  Any other bunny owners?

Thanks Dawn

Monday, 2 September 2013

September, back to school and autumn


Has anybody else noticed the slight changes in the air, the smell of new school shoes and of tarmac going onto school flat roofs.  The cool breeze and chance of rain that means digging out your coat, the grey clouds, the nights drawing in by about 7.30pm, the joys of summer ebbing away as a happy but distant memory.  Autumn is on its way, last minute decorating jobs before it gets too cold to allow the doors of your house to open for any length of time.

Is anybody else beginning to prepare for winter?  I have written the list of things I could do with making a start on to get this household ready for winter.

I am currently knitting hot water bottle covers for the two coverless hot water bottles, which I plan to put each childs Initial on.  These are knitted on gifted needles, with gifted wool, buttons pogged off an old cardigan and a free pattern off the internet (with a few alterations so it fits the hot water bottle).

I have purchased and washed some bushed cotton sheets and pillowcases to make the beds warmer and currently taking stock off my cupboards and freezer to see what I need to stock up on for the winter months.

Is anybody else preparing for winter?

Love Dawn

Keeping the shopping bill down

Hello there,

I don't know about you but my monthly grocery bill seems to be ever increasing, to the point it has become my largest monthly bill.

My current alloted spend is £85 a week, today we did a weekly shop which came to £61, however I will need to buy more bread in the week.  We are currently running down stocks at the moment and trying to use up what is in the freezer (so I can defrost it before a winter restock)  I could do with a second freezer but I need to look at finances to see if I can afford one !

This weeks menus are as follows.

Breakfasts are cereal/toast with milk and/or fresh juice

Lunches consists of sandwiches, yogurt, biscuit and piece of fruit


Sunday- Roast chicken dinner with veg mash and gravy (large whole free range chicken £4.99)
              Homemade cake for pudding.

Monday- Chicken korma and rice (using chicken leftover from Sunday)

Tuesday- Cornbeef hash and beans

Wednesday- Beef stew

Thursday- Spag bol

Friday- Sausage and beans pasta for kids (Rainbows night)
             Chicken fajittas friday night treat for me and J £1.50 per head cheaper and healthier than a takeaway.

Saturday- Eggs or Sausage and chips with either peas or beans.

We also tend to have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack plus a pudding after tea.  This could be anything from cake, biscuits, occasional bag of crisps, fruit and yogurts.  We eat quite a bit of fruit and vegetables to try and keep it balanced and healthy even though I am trying to keep costs down.

Anybody else serve up rubber chicken? ( one chicken many meals)

Anybody else see the grocery bill creeping up?

Dawn x