Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bob the rabbit

Well hello,

This is Bob our little rabbit who we have had a fortnight, the poor little thing has had an infection so has required antibiotics for the last week and hasn't been a well boy.  We took Bob back to the vets today and he is slowly recovering from his infection.  If anybody has seen the duracell bunny they have seen Bob during a sneezing fit.  He has to continue on his antibiotics and he has put on some weight (yay) you can tell he is feeling better as he thumps around the room bunny hopping mid way and all you see is two ears flying in the air plus a powder puff tail.

I have a banging headache at the moment (I think I must have been stressed about Bob being ok, as since I have got back from the vets It has arrived, it must be relief)

I have sat down  with a much needed cup of tea and I'm currently doing like for like costings on everything Bob will need and seeing where is the best place to buy it.

So far for his litter (we have sucessfully litter trained him in 2 weeks) and hay we find that Home Bargains are the cheapest for Hay and Litter, Asda is cheapest for rabbit food and currently on offer,  I currently have a giant wood shavings bag that doesn't seem to be going down and I'm yet to find a better deal on this yet but I am still searching!

Any suggestions on best buys on woodshavings?  Any other bunny owners?

Thanks Dawn