Monday, 2 September 2013

Keeping the shopping bill down

Hello there,

I don't know about you but my monthly grocery bill seems to be ever increasing, to the point it has become my largest monthly bill.

My current alloted spend is £85 a week, today we did a weekly shop which came to £61, however I will need to buy more bread in the week.  We are currently running down stocks at the moment and trying to use up what is in the freezer (so I can defrost it before a winter restock)  I could do with a second freezer but I need to look at finances to see if I can afford one !

This weeks menus are as follows.

Breakfasts are cereal/toast with milk and/or fresh juice

Lunches consists of sandwiches, yogurt, biscuit and piece of fruit


Sunday- Roast chicken dinner with veg mash and gravy (large whole free range chicken £4.99)
              Homemade cake for pudding.

Monday- Chicken korma and rice (using chicken leftover from Sunday)

Tuesday- Cornbeef hash and beans

Wednesday- Beef stew

Thursday- Spag bol

Friday- Sausage and beans pasta for kids (Rainbows night)
             Chicken fajittas friday night treat for me and J £1.50 per head cheaper and healthier than a takeaway.

Saturday- Eggs or Sausage and chips with either peas or beans.

We also tend to have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack plus a pudding after tea.  This could be anything from cake, biscuits, occasional bag of crisps, fruit and yogurts.  We eat quite a bit of fruit and vegetables to try and keep it balanced and healthy even though I am trying to keep costs down.

Anybody else serve up rubber chicken? ( one chicken many meals)

Anybody else see the grocery bill creeping up?

Dawn x