Monday, 2 September 2013

September, back to school and autumn


Has anybody else noticed the slight changes in the air, the smell of new school shoes and of tarmac going onto school flat roofs.  The cool breeze and chance of rain that means digging out your coat, the grey clouds, the nights drawing in by about 7.30pm, the joys of summer ebbing away as a happy but distant memory.  Autumn is on its way, last minute decorating jobs before it gets too cold to allow the doors of your house to open for any length of time.

Is anybody else beginning to prepare for winter?  I have written the list of things I could do with making a start on to get this household ready for winter.

I am currently knitting hot water bottle covers for the two coverless hot water bottles, which I plan to put each childs Initial on.  These are knitted on gifted needles, with gifted wool, buttons pogged off an old cardigan and a free pattern off the internet (with a few alterations so it fits the hot water bottle).

I have purchased and washed some bushed cotton sheets and pillowcases to make the beds warmer and currently taking stock off my cupboards and freezer to see what I need to stock up on for the winter months.

Is anybody else preparing for winter?

Love Dawn