Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Back to school bugs


Come near at your peril, yesturday we were visited via Peaches with the back to school bugs, oh yes the tummy bug not the cold (I could cope with the cold) so after a rather uncomfortable night sat on the bedroom floor (no sleep) on bowl holding duty and dash to the loo duty, I then had a day of fight the germs and the washing pile.  i just hope i have managed to contain the bug to Peaches and that nobody else gets it (fingers crossed).

All plans are scrapped till further notice, Peaches seems alot brighter today after a good sleep and has appetite of a horse so hopefully she will be back to normal tomorrow.

You can tell when kids are getting better, when they have enough energy to scrap with their siblings then there on the mend lol.

Back to the washing pile

See ya