Thursday, 10 October 2013

Eeeeeeeek the animals escaped from the zoo!

Only joking just my little peeps rocking their new hat, scalf and gloves.  They are really pleased that It has now gone cold just so they could wear these to school this morning bless em.

This week has been mainly filled with doctors appointments for asthma reviews (Me and Princess), booster immunisations (Pixie and bless her she was the bravest little girl ever) and Saturday we shall be back again for flu jabs.  I reckon the nurse will be sick of the sight of us by Saturday lol.

Other than that I have beeen making more items for my shop and stretching my patience levels waiting for the photos to upload.

Feel free to bob over to my shop to take a look.  I am also now taking orders for items wanted for christmas!

Right now I'm off to grab some breakfast and see if the central heating still works as I think we shall be requiring it shortly.

Have you put your heating on yet?

See ya later
Love Dawn x