Sunday, 20 October 2013

Energy companies, fighting back and survival.


After reading in the press this week in light of the energy price hikes that 'if it is cold put a jumper on'.  Well thank you Downing Street we hadn't thought of that one.  I find this comment rediculous for one and probably spoken by a man who doesn't even see a bill let alone pay one.  On no he has staff for that who show him how to let the tax payer foot the bill.

On reflection and wondering how many a household budget will manage this increase, (I know it is British Gas at the moment but they will all put their price up to follow suit).

In this household we will be keeping an eye on it (well mainly me lol)

So this means we will be:

*Not using a dryer except in cases of emergency which is usually childhood illness and a duvet having to be washed.

*The washing machine will only contain full loads in my case 9kg loads, and these clothes will be dirty clothes not clean ones.  If it isn't dirty it's fine.

*When it does get to the point we need heating (thankfully we haven't just yet) we will heat the living room and live in there for the days when we are all at home, the heat in the kitchen from cooking will dry clothes on airers.  On bath and shower nights (every person in the house will take their shower or bath on that night) the bathroom will be heated.

*Showers are limited to 5 mins (Jand I are bad at staying under there for longer J can last 20 mins)  Any time spent under the shower after you have fully washed yourself is waste!

*I shall be cooking meals that can be done using a steamer, 20 min meals on top of the hob, rather than using the oven.

So folks thats what we will be doing towards cutting our bills and usage, have thought what the price increases will mean for you whether you will have to rejig, cut back, cut out or if your lucky enough to be able to absorb the extra costs.

Oh well best go and get the draught excluders out ready to block up the other rooms, I'm still preparing for winter and I rekon soon I'll be putting the flannelette sheets on the bed, digging out more blankets and putting on the winter duvet.

Over to you

Dawn x