Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Half term meandering along

Well hello,

The kids are off this week for half term and so far it has done nothing but rain.  We have had grandparents visit, a trip to Asda to buy more baking things for tomorrow we will be making Mr Tumble fairy cakes and Mr Tumble shortbread biscuits,  this is our Thursday entertainment sorted.  Friday we shall be having a dvd on the sofa with popcorn (50p for a large bag in Asda) and watch the muppets (free loaned by a friend).  The kids cannot wait they are easily pleased my lot I am happy to say.  I also bought some new jeans for Pixie from Asda as she seems to have grown almost overnight which reminds me I need to find her some winter PJ's in a larger size too and a new pinafore dress for school.

I am also pleased to say I am off out for the night on Friday, I know don't be shocked ME a night out lol, we are off to town to see a gig a band called Sinnergod a friend of ours is their manager so there will be a few of our friends there, it should be a fab night.  I shall try to remember to take the camera and take a few pics.

We also have a new member of our family we have a little 9 week old lop earred rabbit called Sonny.  We couldn't bear the sight of an empty hutch after we lost Bob.  Sonny seems a right little character and once again we have struck gold and landed up with a friendly one instead of a viscious clawing biting one, for which I am very grateful.  I shall post a pic of him when my computer decides it is taking to camera (faulty usb ports on pc so hit and miss).

Have fun
Dawn x