Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to have a night out on a budget


This is my guide on how to have a night out on a budget. 

The preparation:

I thought eeeek my eyebrows need sorting instead of going to town and having them threaded and tinted at a cost of £10 plus whatever else the kids wheedle out of me with mummy I want this, that the other.  Not to mention my sanity of trying to keep the three year old still whilst I have it done, then having to find the loo because my youngest two have a loo fetish which is a nightmare.

Cost saving at least £10
Sanity saving priceless

What am I going to wear:

Calm, calm, calm I looked in the wardrobe and found I had a choice of outfits granted from a while ago but vintage is all the rage so off we go with shopping in the wardrobe.

Cost saving £ much
Sanity saving priceless (no shopping with children in tow)

Hair, make up, nails etc I am a dab hand at having had many years practice.

Cost savings £ much

I shall have a substanial meal before I go out and we have already got alcohol in so we shall have a couple before we go (I'm not a big drinker so probably be mostly on soft drinks when I'm out, J will have a few)

Transport to and from venue:

We will be using our free bus passes (perks of the job)

Cost saving £10-15 (guestimate haven't been in a taxi for 8 years)

So we shall be having a fab time with friends, a drink and a dance, my sil is stoping over at ours so no taxi fares and it is safer then J can run her home the next day.


Have a great weekend
Love Dawn x