Friday, 18 October 2013

Ups and downs of life!

Well hello my loverly readers,

This week has seemed better than last week (which saw all my children spending the whole week tripping up over their own feet).  The final straw was when I went to collect Peaches last friday from rainbows, to be met by one of the leaders walking up towards my house to come and get me.  Peaches had fallen playing "what time is it mr wolf?" her glasses fell off and she landed on them, with the sharpe side imbedding itself into her forehead.

In all honesty at that point I could have happily curled up into a ball at the back of the church and screamed and cried.  I didn't though I scrapped up Peaches and took her home.  She is fine and her glasses are now fixed.

Pixie had the autumn walk this week with nursery (parents go too) the afternoon it was on it was torrential rain, we all got soaked to the skin but Pixie didn't seem to care she loved it in all it's mudbath glory via every puddle she could find.

The fab bit of the news of the week for me is that after half term I have been asked to go into school to do some sewing with a year 4 class.  I'm really looking forward to it, there making cross stitch christmas cards.

Have fun
Dawn x