Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reasons to be happy

Not everyone is a fan of winter I am one of those that long for sunshine and lighter days.  I keep myself busy with creating.  I have made this scarf for my shop. I have also made a bright rainbowesque rainbow cardigan.

Rainbow cardigan.

A little artist in the family is enough to make anybody smile, as you find her artwork everywhere you go.  Even my bowl of pine cones (collected on holiday, housed in a bowl I made myself at a pottery class) arn't safe from her artistic eye. 

There is always rock music on Kerrang radio and a good dance round the kitchen.  I love this DAB radio we bought it for holiday as the car radio doesn't work so we use this instead.

 The odd crafting and making session, my poor old kitchen table again lol.

 New warm winter pj's.

A lush order, beautiful smells that remind you of summer and the christmas box of bathbombs is a birthday present for me for next week.  I shall be 21 again lol.

Do you love or hate winter?  If you hate it what gets you through?

See ya soon

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday! lie in? Dream on !!!!!

Well hello,

It is freezing here today my front room from which I blog from is always like an ice box even in the height of summer, however the rest of the house seems to have retained some of last nights heating in so I haven't needed it this morning yet.  I shudder to even check the electric bill after having to have a week of the washer and dryer on more or less non stop with ill little peeps who I am happy to report are back to their normal selves.

This morning the alarm went off at 6am for J who is working all weekend (booo) and I thought we were doing really well and I may even get a lie in as nobody stared, 2 mins later in bobbed Peaches woke Pixie up and that was that.

Today consists of lots of tea (for me) and knitting project (I cannot reveal this at the moment sorry).  Catching up on blog reading, I have got the meat out to defrost for our lovely warming stew I am making for tonights tea.  We plan to make pretties this afternoon me and my little ladies from some kits my good friend Mrs Geekcycled got them for their birthday (Pictures to follow of course).  Before we know where we are at it'll be teatime, bathtime and bedtime.

At the moment I do not seem to have enough hours in my day, this could possibly be the reason why I am constantly waking up in the night unable to sleep and absolutley shattered all day long and fit to drop by 7pm.

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.  I'm off to sort out the uniforms ready for tomorrow morning.  I wash all uniform and butty bags on a Friday night, they then have 2 nights to dry on airers and I can get the uniforms sorted and put away Sunday (no last minute bung it in the very costly drier here).

Dawn x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sunshine after the storm

Well hello there,

I have much sunnier post for you today (I do hate to be doom and gloom) I thought I would share with you my day.

School run (Nice to get out in the fresh air), followed by a chat to the parents at the bust stop (were regulars so you get chatting), home to a nice cup of tea and a bit of tidying and hoovering in peace and quiet.  A good old half hr of bliss doing my yoga dvd followed by lunch.

In the afternoon I help out at school, they are learning to play the clarinet and as I can play I take mine along too and join in, followed by sewing (talk about in my element) before I knew where I was it was three o'clock and time to pick up Pixie from nursery.

I love helping out at school and working with the kids but anything creative too were talking happiness overload.  The kids are really sweet and come over to chat and tell you things.

An epic day for me, just what I needed after a naff couple of weeks lets hope were set to continue with the happiness and fun times now.

Hope you are well

Dawn x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All pretty drab really but counting my blessings

Hiya peeps,

Did you see the carbolic sheets at the window?  I just ger Princess back to healthy and now Pixie has started off with the sickness bug.  I am unbelievably tired but I am counting my blessings as my blood results came back normal, which is a huge relief and one less thing to worry about (I can be a queen of worry at times).  All the bad things are getting me down at the moment, but hopefully I shall be able to blog about happy times soon.  In the meantime you'll find me praying to anyone listening for everyone to get well soon in this house and that please can I avoid it.

See ya soon

Dawn x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend tales

Well hello lovely peeps,

How are you?  I'm ok this weekend has seen a few ups and downs.  On Saturday me and my eldest daughter Princess went to get the beads and bits and bobs we needed ready for her jewellery party shes having for her birthday.  She was born on the 27th December so as Christmas will be upon us we are holding her party on the 1st instead.  Being a mini hippy she has chosen the brightest rainbow colours, rabbits and butterflys plus cupcakes and ice creams galore for her jewellery.  I'm making her a full on chocolate overload cake as has been requested.  I cannot believe she is going to be eight this year, talk about making me feel old.  I shall post pics up of the jewellery that the kids make.

Saturday afternoon saw a visit from my oldest and most fabulous friend Jen(mrs geekcycled) we had a good old catch up and have plans to go to Liverpool for a good old mooch for all things vintage very soon.

Unfortunatley today Princess seems to have been struck with a dreaded back to school tummy bug (yak) this has got to be my worst part of parenting.  I hate seeing my child ill and knowing I have done everything possible to make her better but all I can do is ride out the bad bits with her.  It kills me seeing them like this, give me the loud, playing, laughing, running around, bickering with siblings over a pencil child ANY day!  Needless to say she won't be in school tomorrow.  I just hope nobody else gets it (Peaches had it when they went back in September).

On a plus point to my day Little Peaches who makes me laugh and smile filled my heart with happiness before when she read a book off her bookcase for me, she really is getting it now and I love seeing her confidence grow.

I'll stop wittering now lol
Have fun
Dawn x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sunshine here yay !

Hiya everyone,

We've had an appointment filled week so far this week.  I had to go to the doctors yesturday (I'm falling apart lol) and after handing £20 plus came home with a bag stuffed with numerous tablets.  I'm now on 8 a day so I rattle when I walk.

Today has been a mad dash to podiatry for Princess and Pixie and I'm pleased to say all is as it should be, so thats's a relief.

I have started helping out in school one afternoon a week, working with the children, I started last week and can't wait to go back this week.  They have Clarinet lessons (which I can play) so I'm in my element.

Today is a lovely sunshiny day so the washing is hanging pretending it's spring (this I can cope with).  I've also been thinking about my outfits for christmas and new year and I may just dust off a frock!

I'm almost sorted with Christmas now and I plan to hold a jewellery party for princesses birthday in December with a homemade chocolate cake.  My lot love a party.

Ah well, tomorrow holds blood tests for me in the morning (told you I was falling part) I can't eat from 9pm tonight until I have had them done, that will be the killer for me no early morning brew.

Have fun

Dawn x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Friday night gig


We went to the Sinnergod gig on Friday and all had a fabulous time.  I thought I would share a few photos with you.

First up me and Pixie, I'm wearing an outfit from many years ago totally rocking my inner morticia here lol.
 Me and my sister in law.
 J and some friends of ours.

The band.  Unfortunately not the best pics due to rather rude extra tall people standing in front of us.  They should do these things in height order lol.

It took for ever to get this pic as a bloke stood in front of me kept turning round trying to get his drink from somebody to my left, sorry to that bloke I think I blinded him with the flash of my camera more than once.

All in all a fabulous night, the only downside was being in pain till 4am with an infected toe how the hell I managed this in knee length boots with a 3 inch heel is anybody's guess.

We all need an excuse to do it all again now!

Ah well I have finally recovered from my late night and tonight it is Bommie night (Bonfire night for the non uk readers)  Typical November 5th weather here bloody freezing and pissing it down.  The wellies are out and were ready to take the cricket club by storm.

See ya soon

Dawn x