Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Friday night gig


We went to the Sinnergod gig on Friday and all had a fabulous time.  I thought I would share a few photos with you.

First up me and Pixie, I'm wearing an outfit from many years ago totally rocking my inner morticia here lol.
 Me and my sister in law.
 J and some friends of ours.

The band.  Unfortunately not the best pics due to rather rude extra tall people standing in front of us.  They should do these things in height order lol.

It took for ever to get this pic as a bloke stood in front of me kept turning round trying to get his drink from somebody to my left, sorry to that bloke I think I blinded him with the flash of my camera more than once.

All in all a fabulous night, the only downside was being in pain till 4am with an infected toe how the hell I managed this in knee length boots with a 3 inch heel is anybody's guess.

We all need an excuse to do it all again now!

Ah well I have finally recovered from my late night and tonight it is Bommie night (Bonfire night for the non uk readers)  Typical November 5th weather here bloody freezing and pissing it down.  The wellies are out and were ready to take the cricket club by storm.

See ya soon

Dawn x