Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reasons to be happy

Not everyone is a fan of winter I am one of those that long for sunshine and lighter days.  I keep myself busy with creating.  I have made this scarf for my shop. I have also made a bright rainbowesque rainbow cardigan.

Rainbow cardigan.

A little artist in the family is enough to make anybody smile, as you find her artwork everywhere you go.  Even my bowl of pine cones (collected on holiday, housed in a bowl I made myself at a pottery class) arn't safe from her artistic eye. 

There is always rock music on Kerrang radio and a good dance round the kitchen.  I love this DAB radio we bought it for holiday as the car radio doesn't work so we use this instead.

 The odd crafting and making session, my poor old kitchen table again lol.

 New warm winter pj's.

A lush order, beautiful smells that remind you of summer and the christmas box of bathbombs is a birthday present for me for next week.  I shall be 21 again lol.

Do you love or hate winter?  If you hate it what gets you through?

See ya soon