Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday! lie in? Dream on !!!!!

Well hello,

It is freezing here today my front room from which I blog from is always like an ice box even in the height of summer, however the rest of the house seems to have retained some of last nights heating in so I haven't needed it this morning yet.  I shudder to even check the electric bill after having to have a week of the washer and dryer on more or less non stop with ill little peeps who I am happy to report are back to their normal selves.

This morning the alarm went off at 6am for J who is working all weekend (booo) and I thought we were doing really well and I may even get a lie in as nobody stared, 2 mins later in bobbed Peaches woke Pixie up and that was that.

Today consists of lots of tea (for me) and knitting project (I cannot reveal this at the moment sorry).  Catching up on blog reading, I have got the meat out to defrost for our lovely warming stew I am making for tonights tea.  We plan to make pretties this afternoon me and my little ladies from some kits my good friend Mrs Geekcycled got them for their birthday (Pictures to follow of course).  Before we know where we are at it'll be teatime, bathtime and bedtime.

At the moment I do not seem to have enough hours in my day, this could possibly be the reason why I am constantly waking up in the night unable to sleep and absolutley shattered all day long and fit to drop by 7pm.

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.  I'm off to sort out the uniforms ready for tomorrow morning.  I wash all uniform and butty bags on a Friday night, they then have 2 nights to dry on airers and I can get the uniforms sorted and put away Sunday (no last minute bung it in the very costly drier here).

Dawn x