Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sunshine after the storm

Well hello there,

I have much sunnier post for you today (I do hate to be doom and gloom) I thought I would share with you my day.

School run (Nice to get out in the fresh air), followed by a chat to the parents at the bust stop (were regulars so you get chatting), home to a nice cup of tea and a bit of tidying and hoovering in peace and quiet.  A good old half hr of bliss doing my yoga dvd followed by lunch.

In the afternoon I help out at school, they are learning to play the clarinet and as I can play I take mine along too and join in, followed by sewing (talk about in my element) before I knew where I was it was three o'clock and time to pick up Pixie from nursery.

I love helping out at school and working with the kids but anything creative too were talking happiness overload.  The kids are really sweet and come over to chat and tell you things.

An epic day for me, just what I needed after a naff couple of weeks lets hope were set to continue with the happiness and fun times now.

Hope you are well

Dawn x