Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sunshine here yay !

Hiya everyone,

We've had an appointment filled week so far this week.  I had to go to the doctors yesturday (I'm falling apart lol) and after handing £20 plus came home with a bag stuffed with numerous tablets.  I'm now on 8 a day so I rattle when I walk.

Today has been a mad dash to podiatry for Princess and Pixie and I'm pleased to say all is as it should be, so thats's a relief.

I have started helping out in school one afternoon a week, working with the children, I started last week and can't wait to go back this week.  They have Clarinet lessons (which I can play) so I'm in my element.

Today is a lovely sunshiny day so the washing is hanging pretending it's spring (this I can cope with).  I've also been thinking about my outfits for christmas and new year and I may just dust off a frock!

I'm almost sorted with Christmas now and I plan to hold a jewellery party for princesses birthday in December with a homemade chocolate cake.  My lot love a party.

Ah well, tomorrow holds blood tests for me in the morning (told you I was falling part) I can't eat from 9pm tonight until I have had them done, that will be the killer for me no early morning brew.

Have fun

Dawn x