Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend tales

Well hello lovely peeps,

How are you?  I'm ok this weekend has seen a few ups and downs.  On Saturday me and my eldest daughter Princess went to get the beads and bits and bobs we needed ready for her jewellery party shes having for her birthday.  She was born on the 27th December so as Christmas will be upon us we are holding her party on the 1st instead.  Being a mini hippy she has chosen the brightest rainbow colours, rabbits and butterflys plus cupcakes and ice creams galore for her jewellery.  I'm making her a full on chocolate overload cake as has been requested.  I cannot believe she is going to be eight this year, talk about making me feel old.  I shall post pics up of the jewellery that the kids make.

Saturday afternoon saw a visit from my oldest and most fabulous friend Jen(mrs geekcycled) we had a good old catch up and have plans to go to Liverpool for a good old mooch for all things vintage very soon.

Unfortunatley today Princess seems to have been struck with a dreaded back to school tummy bug (yak) this has got to be my worst part of parenting.  I hate seeing my child ill and knowing I have done everything possible to make her better but all I can do is ride out the bad bits with her.  It kills me seeing them like this, give me the loud, playing, laughing, running around, bickering with siblings over a pencil child ANY day!  Needless to say she won't be in school tomorrow.  I just hope nobody else gets it (Peaches had it when they went back in September).

On a plus point to my day Little Peaches who makes me laugh and smile filled my heart with happiness before when she read a book off her bookcase for me, she really is getting it now and I love seeing her confidence grow.

I'll stop wittering now lol
Have fun
Dawn x