Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing day sales

Hiya  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.  Today it is Boxing day and the sales begin.

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See ya

Love Dawn x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A merry christmas one and all

Hello lovely readers,

I do hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and that father Christmas brings you everything on your list.  I have been a little snowed under to blog recently so expect blogs and pics galore after Christmas why I try to catch up with you on everything we have been doing.

I really feel for all those who have experienced floods yesterday in the south and have had their Christmas ruined, I hope they manage to find somewhere warm and dry to spend the festive season whilst they sort out the mess.

In this house we have had three hyper active but happy children, who have tracked Santa and played Christmas games.  The stockings are hung up in anticipation of treats left in them over night and an offering of cherry brandy, posh chocky biscuits for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.

I wish you all a happy Christmas!

love Dawn and family x

Monday, 9 December 2013

Birthday weekend and nativity part one

 This weekend has seen a birthday, mine I hit 32 on Sunday I had a fabulous birthday weekend, with cards, pressies, a yummy birthday cake made by my lovely mum and a night on the tiles.

 Chocolates for the birthday girl, mmmm yum!

A box of festive bath bombs from Lush, pure bliss and I also got some money to go out and treat myself I have no idea what to buy as I don't really tend to spend much on me so saving it up till I have an idea.

I have also been making this beautiful scarf for Princess in ribbon wool it is so soft and snuggly it's as soft as a baby rabbit.  Princess loves it and Peaches and Pixie want one too!

This week Peaches did her nativity play at school, she totally rocked the part of towns person in her curtain couture, I loved watching her do her play brings tears to you eyes. (coz I'm a big softy)

Here she is my lovely towns person, she smiled all the way through.  Pixie has her nativity play next week so I've re stocked on tissues lol.
I have one other thing to share with you but it needs a post of it's own as it's a bit epic.

See ya soon
Dawn x

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Shopping and Quidco earn as you shop


It's December Christmas is nearly on it's way, the advent calenders have been cracked open, the Christmas lists have been sent off to Father Christmas.  It's a flat spin of Christmas parties and nativity plays here for the next few weeks.

I have already completed ALL of my Christmas shopping and wrapped half of it (feeling rather smug here lol) I hate wrapping it has to be said it is the worst job.  The shopping bit was rather easy.

I shopped mainly online as our shopping centre is beyond naff if I am honest.  The crowning glory was an email I recieved of Quidco this morning saying I had a payment of £125 waiting in my bank account, and this money is for absolutley No work whatsoever, tax free and all mine.

I shop all my online purchases through Quidco and the I got paid cashback when it clears.  I urge you all to try it especially on big purchases and Christmas shopping.

The link is here  go forth and earn as you shop.  Think of the money hitting your account in the new year when your skint.

I am still waiting on another £50 that is currently clearing excited just doesn't come close to the feelings you get opening that email.

Now where did I put my christmas cards?

Dawn x

8th birthday party

On  Sunday we had an early birthday party for Princess who turns 8 two days after christmas.  I did her a jewellery party.  Unfortunatley I can only show you the pictures of my children having fun here as I didn't ask parental permission to post.
 A few of the items made, we like bright and colourful.

 I made everyone a kitch bagcharm to take home in their party bag.

A picture of me and the birthday girl.  We had so much fun I totally forgot to take a picture of the cake, you'll have to take my word for it when I tell you it was delicious.

Ah well it is my birthday next Sunday and I'm way to young to have an 8 year old lol.

Have fun

Dawn x