Monday, 9 December 2013

Birthday weekend and nativity part one

 This weekend has seen a birthday, mine I hit 32 on Sunday I had a fabulous birthday weekend, with cards, pressies, a yummy birthday cake made by my lovely mum and a night on the tiles.

 Chocolates for the birthday girl, mmmm yum!

A box of festive bath bombs from Lush, pure bliss and I also got some money to go out and treat myself I have no idea what to buy as I don't really tend to spend much on me so saving it up till I have an idea.

I have also been making this beautiful scarf for Princess in ribbon wool it is so soft and snuggly it's as soft as a baby rabbit.  Princess loves it and Peaches and Pixie want one too!

This week Peaches did her nativity play at school, she totally rocked the part of towns person in her curtain couture, I loved watching her do her play brings tears to you eyes. (coz I'm a big softy)

Here she is my lovely towns person, she smiled all the way through.  Pixie has her nativity play next week so I've re stocked on tissues lol.
I have one other thing to share with you but it needs a post of it's own as it's a bit epic.

See ya soon
Dawn x