Monday, 17 November 2014

It's Monday


I'm glad to say it is Monday and everyone is well enough to go back to school.  Today I have been clearing away the kids mess from the weekend, fighting the washing pile and I've made a huge stock pan of vege chilli for tonights tea and the rest will be portioned as pierce and ping for the freezer.

Sat here having a cuppa and a chill after a morning of cooking and cleaning.  Trying get my head around finishing my Christmas shopping, not much more to sort now I'm getting there.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Have fun
Dawn x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A catch up....

Hiya everyone,

I thought I may do a quick blog post to get you up to speed with where all up too here.

Pixie my youngest has now joined her big sisters in school and has settled in really well, she seems to love school and is a happy little person.

All three girls are on school dinners now as Pixie gets hers paid for by the government so I only have two to buy dinners for.  This works out the same price as packed lunches as my kids can eat and then some!  It is also less stressful in the mornings.

I'm now helping out in school 2 Days a week and hope to start my teaching assistant course in February 2015.  I'm loving working in school it's great to see the children progressing.

Not much else to say really, we've all taken it in turn to fight the back to school bugs.  Its Sunday so a nice corn beef hash in the oven for tea and kids are all showered ready for tomorrow.

See you later

Dawn x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The final countdown.....

Well hello,

This is the final week of the summer holidays, we've sunshine, showers, happiness, tantrums, meltdowns, tears, fun, trips out, a holiday and much more.

Today has seen a trip to the post office this morning and this afternoon were off to play at a friends house.  Peaches friend from school and on Sunday they're all going to a party.  That'll be a nice change for us all and hopefully they will all play nicely.

The kids are looking forward to returning to school, starting their new classes and seeing their friends again.  The cats still are not keen on each other Gomez mainly, he will take time to understand he's still loved and he still comes home as normal so that's good.  Maisie has settled right in but were having a few teething probs with her food as she won't eat what the cat home said she was being fed on.  She cries if she can't see you and loves playing with her toys.

Have fun folks as we try to survive the final week of summer hold ( its freezing today where is summer)

Love Dawn x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Our new family member.... Say hello to Maisie

Hello everyone,

Today has been most eventful it started in Aldi doing the normal weekly big shop and followed with a conversation between Jon and I about taking a trip to Leigh cats and dogs home to have a look for a second cat.  We already have a cat called Gomez whom you've all seen in my blog before, I got him 10 years ago a little feral black cat with the sharpest teeth and claws and a temperament to match.  Luckily now Gomez is no longer vicious he's a calm, sedate, relaxed cat these days who spends most of his life on the sofa chilling out.

He's beginning to feel his age these days you can see it in his face when jumps down off the wall bless him.  So we've got him a companion.  Meet Maisie we found her in the cat home and fell in love with her.  She's got a beautiful temperament and seems happy to be with us.  She is 16 weeks old and had been abandoned.  Gomez is largely ignoring her at the moment but we're hoping they become friends.

In 2 weeks Maisie will need her next lot of inoculations and I can then get her booked in to be spayed. 

Have fun


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My new freezer

Well hello

Today I have taken delivery of my freezer ( the one I've saved for all year then had to divert the money to something more urgent).  It's a frost free model and was in the sale complete with £30 cash back, plus £5.00 quidco cash back. 

Now I have my second freezer I am going to be batch baking and batch cooking to fill it with homemade pierce and ping saving time and energy.

Have fun

Dawn x

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hopes thats the end of the bad luck now

Well hello lovely peeps,

Today has been a day of buses, removal of Pixie's plaster cast, she has been discharged from hospital now and was smiling the whole entire time they removed her cast she has been signed off by the doctor and was really happy.  She shouted "yes I can see my toes" and gave them a good itch before we even left the fracture clinic she asked if she can go on her bike when she gets home, lol.  Unfortunately it decided to rain so the bike riding didn't happen.  Instead she tested out her fixed foot by bouncing round the living room with on her space hopper and then enjoyed a nice soak in the bath with her mermaid dolls.

I came home put the washer is on (like you do) and now it has broken. Arghhhhh just as you get one thing sorted in life and you think your winning something else decides to go wrong.

I really believe I've had my share off bad things now and it is deffo time for some good luck for a change!

That's all folks


Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer holidays week 2


So were on the second week of the summer holidays, the weather is still being kind to us luckily.

This weekend we were at festwich,  it was gloriously sunny and very hot, it was a free festival and very busy. We went from to start and enjoyed soaking up the festival atmosphere.  The day was spent chilling and chatting with friends whilst the kids enjoyed dancing to the rock music.

This week I have more tidying up, (surprise, surprise) sorting out and cleaning up to do.  Pixie has her cast off tomorrow so we have my fingers crossed that her foot has now healed.

How are you spending your summer holidays?

Have fun

Dawn x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cheaper ways to clean

Well hello

Another hot one here today so here I am sat out in the shade after a morning of hard graft tidying up, washing and cleaning through.

I was running low on my cleaning materials so dug out my big bottles to decant.  I thought I would share with you my secrets of how to get more in life for less money, without compromising on performance.

Firstly the shops I tend to use the most are Aldi and Asda, Aldi is the cheapest so I use this the most.

Hand wash

I have an old hand wash bottle that I refill with bubble bath (see pic) the bubble costs about 55p from Aldi and I usually get 3-4 bottles refilled for this.

When you think you have emptied the bottle stand it on its head to get the last bits out. (as shown in pic)

Surface cleaner

I use an old spray bottle and this is refilled with all in one disinfectant and filled with water.  I get about 8-10 bottles refilled out of the big bottle.  The big bottle cost less than a £1 and I use it to clean kitchen, bathroom, kitchen and porch floors.  A big bottle last ages.


Me and J keep this on us especially as we tend to go on buses a lot which are not very clean, the little bottle costs anything up to a £1 and so does the large one, we have a little bottle each that we refil from the large one.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New stock!


I thought I would share a few pics of new items I've made and are currently for sale in my shop.  I am currently working on Christmas stock and taking orders for Christmas already so if there is anything in specific please message me.

Check out these and much more at the shop

New items added weekly so check it out!

Love Dawn x

Summer holidays week 1


We are trying to fill the holidays once again with free or cheap fun, plus we have to catch up with appointments we have.

Yesterday we had the dentist, now I no longer have my pass it cost me £11.60 to get myself and 3 kids to the dentist talk about expensive with prices like that we won't be adventuring far at all.  This year we have new children moved in at the back of us and we all share the backs, the kids are all playing out together daily whilst the sun shines.  The backs has big security gates either end so the kids can play safely and happily, well until bedtimes when nobody wants to come in haha.

We have an optometrist appointment for Peaches on Thursday which luckily is not too far away and I'm currently looking for things we can do within walking distance that doesn't cost the earth.  The older girls have signed up to mystical maze a reading scheme with prizes for each book read and we went to town to collect all their books on Friday (when travel was free).

Today the kids are doing some craft and probably playing out with their outside toys later.  Me I'm fighting the washing pile (one bed left to do) and then the massive ironing pile eeeeek.

I've washed all saveable school uniforms and p.e kits and pogged the old t shirts for buttons and cut them up into dusters, currently going through the wardrobes and sorting out what's been out grown.

The pics:

1) the kids doing hamma beads

2) my new dusters

Have fun

Dawn x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What have we been up too


Last week has seen a small girl fracture her metatarsal falling backwards off a plastic kiddie chair banging it on arm rest on the way down with no shoe on.  She is in plaster for the next two weeks.  It isn't holding her back at all, she's still attended 2 parties, been to nursery and played with her friends.  She is most looking forward to being able to play on her scooter, bike and space hopper again when the cast is removed.

J has left his job as bus driver (no more free travel for us) he starts a new job on Monday and he seems really happy.  The shifts should hopefully  be more family friendly and he will get to see the kids more.

The kids finished school yesterday for 6 weeks summer holiday,  I'm being organised and have already bought all the new uniform for all kids ready for next year.

I have lots to do this summer holidays lots of sorting out to do and a house to once again cull of junk.

What's your summer holiday plans?

Have fun
Dawn x

Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday afternoon challenge anyone

Well hello

Today Pixie decided what she wanted to spend her birthday money on, and here it is the Monday afternoon challenge a new bike to put together.  I managed to get a good deal on this bike it was on sale at 20 off the original price.  Princess still has birthday money left and wanted to buy a monster high scooter on Thursday when its strike day at school but as I was at the shop I've picked it up for her early, so she has a nice surprise when she gets home from school.

Thursday is strike day for us that means 2 kids out of school and one in school so I'm off to town to get them trainers sorted out as I need 2 sets of feet with me to try them on and Princess wants to sign up to a reading challenge at the library so its quite handy really lol.

Peaches also has birthday money to spend so we're toy shopping on Thursday as well.

It's all fun here.

See ya later

Dawn x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday musings

Hiya everyone,

Today I have been at school helping out year 4, it was their end of year concert today and they did fabulously.  I've been helping out with their music lessons since October and you can see how much they have learned between then and now.

Yesterday Peaches turned 7 she has now joined her sister in Brownies so she is very happy, she had a happy birthday!

Tomorrow I shall be taking a trip to specsavers (so exciting my life) and then sorting out a massive pile of paperwork that keeps looking at me lol.

Have fun
Dawn x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A normal day doing normal things


I'm pleased to say that Peaches is back to normal health and back in school today, she kept telling me yesterday she wanted to go to school because she misses her friends and  "I feel better now" well you do when the calpol kicks in don't you.  Last night she finally managed to shake off the temperature and I got to sleep the whole night in my own bed instead of top and tailing with my ill daughter in a single bed sharing the one direction bedcover.

Yesterday mainly consisted of cleaning and tidying up after the weekend, looking after Pixie and Peaches and the odd school run.

Today I dropped Princess and Peaches at school, Princess is singing in a concert tonight with school she is very excited.

We also have a very excited Peaches because tomorrow is her birthday she's going to be 7 and she can't wait.  She is having a party next week at soft play so no doubt the excitement will continue.  That reminds me I need to put the list of names into the soft play tomorrow.  I've also just paid the final payment for the holiday today.  Talk about skint lol its a good job I budget for these things isn't it!

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hiya here are a few custom orders I've made recently, the perfect teacher gift ready for the end of term.
I've still got a few spaces left in the order book for special teacher bookmarks.

I'm currently offering these at £5.00 each including free UK p and p.

If you'd like to order:

1) choose which colour and you'd like

2) I make photograph it and put it on facebook page and here

3) You pay via PayPal

4) I pack and post your bookmark.

Each one comes in a gift bag!

Have fun

Dawn x

Where did the weekend go....

Hiya folks

We've had a very busy weekend this is how it went for us,

Saturday saw us at a wedding in Coventry it was my husband's cousin's wedding and it was a lovely wedding although the rain was awful when it rained IT RAINED!  We travelled there and back in the same day so we were shattered today, have a lie I here you say.  In this house you'll be lucky the girls had me up before 6am an horrendous hour for a Sunday.

Sunday saw us in Asda (not planned) thanks to headlice, luckily we've caught it early and only one person in the house has them (all treated now!)   Princess had a big brownie birthday bash to go to today which we thought was inside turns out it wasn't so she now has caught the sun.

Peaches has had a temperature all day and no other symptoms (all very strange) Unsure if she will make it to school yet will reassess this in the morning.

I went to the cinema this afternoon we the my mum, dad, sister and neice we had a great time watching Mrs Brown's boys, I totally reccomend it.

Tonight I've got a cracking headache and a burning face (probably blood pressure) so tired and tucked up on sofa with the cat whose decided to come inside and relax on the sofa.

I've also done 3 loads of washing, showered kids, done dishes, cooked tea and sorted out uniforms for tomorrow.

Really shattered now so I'll be back soon.

Dawn x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A conversion of a charity shop find


Months ago I bought a halter neck brand named hippy top from the charity shop it still had the original tags attached and was in american sizes.

When I got home and tried it on I found it to be too big on me, so out came the sewing kit and I have transformed it into a skirt as shown in photo.  I love it a new item of clothes to add fun to my wardrobe and an afternoon activity all for £2.  What's not to love!

Have fun

Dawn x

Monday, 26 May 2014

Half term free fun

Well hello,

I hope your all having a great bank holiday weekend.  This week is half term holidays and due to our many outgoings we are currently saving up for our half term budget for the week is as cheap as we can get it for really.

Yesterday was throwing it down so we went to a local craft fair for a mooch around it cost £1.70 to get in and that was our only spend, I also got to speak to the organiser about upcoming fairs that I may be able to get a stall at myself.

Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine so we packed a picnic and some drinks and headed off to local pastures new a local water park.  We had a lovely walk round in the sunshine saw a mamma duck with her babies and had our picnic.

The kids loved it and got muddified (nothing new there haha) all their trainers are now in the washer and there playing outside in the sunshine, I'm hoping all this fresh air and exercise means they will sleep tonight.

J is back at work tomorrow so it's just me and the kids the rest of the half term.  Not sure what else we'll be up to yet.

What's everyone else got planned for half term?  What do you do that is free?

Have fun

Dawn x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Parties and gifts

Hello everyone,

Two of my little ladies have parties this weekend, I have bought books as gifts and made these personalised bookmarks to go with them.  I like a gift that has had thought put into it so I hope these will be happily received.  I have booked a party for my daughter Peaches for July in a local soft play as a plan b.  My plan a was a party at home but due to current kaos of decorating not to mention the cat still has fleas that I am fighting on a daily basis.

My current regime is wiping down all sofas daily in vinegar and water spray, tons of hoovering and putting salt on the carpet (to dry the lil beggars up)  if anyone else has any eco/ child friendly tips for getting rid of them please do share.  Poor Gomez has only ever had them once before when we first got him and we used the insecticide spray but that was before we had kids and asthmatic lungs.  Gomez has been frontlined and has fallen out with us now he comes back for feeding and then disappears.  The only plus point in all of this that it is in just the one room (he never bothers with the other rooms in the house).

This week sees me helping out at school on Thursday and Friday (Friday is a school trip with nursery children) I also have been asked by Princess if I'll make some bookmarks for school enterprise day next week, so i've lots to keep me busy.  I'll try get some pics of them to show you.

Have fun

Dawn x

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fun at the fair


The weather has seemed to have changed in comparison to last weeks sun cracking the flags, typical as the summer clothes have been put in the wardrobes and by Wednesday the kids were all opting to wear their winter uniforms.

This week the fair is at the local park and despite the rain we went to test it out.  Here are a few pics of us on the fair (Peaches and J are missing as they were at granny's trying to get the car fixed).

As you can see we had the place to ourselves.  It takes more than a spot of rain to put us off.

Hope you having a fun weekend too.

Love Dawn.

Thomas and his friends....

Well hello we've had another hectic week and I could bore you with all the details of the car breaking down, the computer not working and the cat having fleas but instead I thought I would share with you our trip to see Thomas at the East Lancs railway.  We went here last weekend for Pixie's birthday treat (her birthday is next month) she adores Thomas.

 Thomas himself.

 The steam engine used for the trips on the railway.

 Some other steam engine characters.

 The motley crew with Thomas.

 Picture taken with the fat controller.

 Shaking hands with the fat controller.

 On the steam engine.


 Face painting.
 Mr Tumble.

Hello kitty.

Pixie loved it here and didn't want to come home.  We had a beautiful day for it too.  It cost me £44 for a full days entertainment for a family f 5 and I would totally recommend it to anyone with Thomas fans.  There was also circus skills, magic show, and a punch and Judy show.  Many people took a picnic but we opted for a pub lunch lol.