Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The ups and down of everyday life


Unfortunately this week we have said goodbye to Sonny our rabbit, he died on Monday morning, we think the poor thing had a stroke.  He didn't look right on Sunday so we got him in emergency vets who charged us £127 and told us our rabbit was perfectly healthy.  By 8am the next morning he was dead.

We seem to be leaking money at the moment between vet bills, school requesting money left, right and centre etc life is currently costing me a bomb.  I've had to buy an Alice in wonderland dress as school are having a world book day and everyone has to come as an Alice in wonderland character (an outfit they will never wear again).  I have managed to make Pixie's outfit (the white rabbit with the clock) Peaches I have also put together an outfit for (Queen of hearts) I could have made a card costume or mouse etc for Princess but she was being arkward and wanted to be Alice so had to shell out.

We also have to sponsor them to do a p.e. thing and today Peaches brought home a letter for a school trip wanting £10.  At the moment there is £0 in the kitty for any of it.  Money does not grow on trees and were still trying to recoup what we have had to spend on the car.

If I did have any money to spare I'd invest in a freezer but that doesn't look likely to materialise any time soon.

We are currently penny pinching, so lovely readers is anybody else in the same boat?  What do you do when the kitty is empty?

Have fun
Dawn x

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Frugal half term and fun for free


This week has been half term holidays for us, as we are financially recovering from having to buy a new to us car this means no extra income to spend on days out.

This week has been frugal but fun.  This is what we have done;

We have made Christmas decorations out of old McDonalds toys otherwise destined for landfill using pipe cleaners we had in the craft box. Cost= nothing.

We went to the library to loan some books to enjoy and help Peaches along with her reading. Cost= nothing.

The girls had friends over to play and stay for lunch. Cost= nothing.

We have been gifted a bag of Disney videos, a bag of outgrown clothes and a pair of roller boots.  Cost= nothing.

I have baked cakes to feed the hungry hoards using up stock from the cupboards. Costs= nothing.

Other things I have done this week to save money have included drying washing on the line and not using the dryer, writing down all meals I have in my cupboards etc and gave Peaches a haircut. 

What have you done this week that is frugal?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The to do list


There are signs of spring here the crocuses in my yard have popped up and the daffodils are ready to bloom shortly too.  I have a list of things I need to accomplish this year.

The big list.....

Paint the hall, stairs and landing, clean carpet and hang artwork.

Paint the living room, clean carpet and hang new curtains and cushion covers.

Paint the kitchen and lay new lino.

Clear and cleanup the back yard.

Plant up yard with tomato's and peas and flowers. (Kids love to plant and picked their own seeds to plant)

I need a table for outside for outdoor dining. (just in case we get a decent summer and can dig the BBQ out)

These jobs all need doing and as frugally as possible.

The small jobs list...

Clearing the kitchen cupboards of all miscellaneous junk (ready for phase 2)

Get rid of bed rail, baby steriliser and breast pump plus old baby cups.

Go through kids wardrobes and get new summer stuff sorted.

This is all work in progress and I will refer back to this and tick them off when I've done!

Sneaks out and waves


Sorry I haven't been around much recently, it has been a horrendously busy month here in the Dawn Rose household between children sharing their bugs around and us all being I'll, me and my ongoing chiropody appointments, helping out at school, having to buy a new car because the other one was costing too much in repairs ( I hadn't budgeted for buying a car this year either, so I've had to divert the money I had saved up to have the bathroom done).

I'm currently decorating the hall, stairs and landing myself each floor has 9 foot ceiling to floor drop so pretty scary on the ladder when paining the coving.  I've decided to paint it all white, but with a bright blue coat rack and bannister.  The carpet is blue which I will get somebody in to clean professionally rather than replacing it as it is still in good condition.  I shall be putting up some artwork on the walls, a couple of canvases I painted and a framed tapestry my gran made.  I have done before pictures and when I've finished I shall be showing you all the photos.

I have also had most of my new bills through from all companies so I have been relooking and sorting out the finances again (a yearly thing).  I've been doing this for ten years now so it's second nature to me and it is always a good feeling when you know you are solvent again for another year.

We have quite a bit of decorating to do in the house which is mainly painting plus the bathroom still needs a massive overhaul, I have the money saved for the painting already plus we are doing it frugally and using up stuff we already have.

I'm off to write my to do list, I shall share it with you later!

Have fun

Dawn x