Sunday, 23 February 2014

Frugal half term and fun for free


This week has been half term holidays for us, as we are financially recovering from having to buy a new to us car this means no extra income to spend on days out.

This week has been frugal but fun.  This is what we have done;

We have made Christmas decorations out of old McDonalds toys otherwise destined for landfill using pipe cleaners we had in the craft box. Cost= nothing.

We went to the library to loan some books to enjoy and help Peaches along with her reading. Cost= nothing.

The girls had friends over to play and stay for lunch. Cost= nothing.

We have been gifted a bag of Disney videos, a bag of outgrown clothes and a pair of roller boots.  Cost= nothing.

I have baked cakes to feed the hungry hoards using up stock from the cupboards. Costs= nothing.

Other things I have done this week to save money have included drying washing on the line and not using the dryer, writing down all meals I have in my cupboards etc and gave Peaches a haircut. 

What have you done this week that is frugal?