Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sneaks out and waves


Sorry I haven't been around much recently, it has been a horrendously busy month here in the Dawn Rose household between children sharing their bugs around and us all being I'll, me and my ongoing chiropody appointments, helping out at school, having to buy a new car because the other one was costing too much in repairs ( I hadn't budgeted for buying a car this year either, so I've had to divert the money I had saved up to have the bathroom done).

I'm currently decorating the hall, stairs and landing myself each floor has 9 foot ceiling to floor drop so pretty scary on the ladder when paining the coving.  I've decided to paint it all white, but with a bright blue coat rack and bannister.  The carpet is blue which I will get somebody in to clean professionally rather than replacing it as it is still in good condition.  I shall be putting up some artwork on the walls, a couple of canvases I painted and a framed tapestry my gran made.  I have done before pictures and when I've finished I shall be showing you all the photos.

I have also had most of my new bills through from all companies so I have been relooking and sorting out the finances again (a yearly thing).  I've been doing this for ten years now so it's second nature to me and it is always a good feeling when you know you are solvent again for another year.

We have quite a bit of decorating to do in the house which is mainly painting plus the bathroom still needs a massive overhaul, I have the money saved for the painting already plus we are doing it frugally and using up stuff we already have.

I'm off to write my to do list, I shall share it with you later!

Have fun

Dawn x