Thursday, 20 February 2014

The to do list


There are signs of spring here the crocuses in my yard have popped up and the daffodils are ready to bloom shortly too.  I have a list of things I need to accomplish this year.

The big list.....

Paint the hall, stairs and landing, clean carpet and hang artwork.

Paint the living room, clean carpet and hang new curtains and cushion covers.

Paint the kitchen and lay new lino.

Clear and cleanup the back yard.

Plant up yard with tomato's and peas and flowers. (Kids love to plant and picked their own seeds to plant)

I need a table for outside for outdoor dining. (just in case we get a decent summer and can dig the BBQ out)

These jobs all need doing and as frugally as possible.

The small jobs list...

Clearing the kitchen cupboards of all miscellaneous junk (ready for phase 2)

Get rid of bed rail, baby steriliser and breast pump plus old baby cups.

Go through kids wardrobes and get new summer stuff sorted.

This is all work in progress and I will refer back to this and tick them off when I've done!