Sunday, 16 March 2014

New and old


This week has seen a few coughs and cold, a tease of spring sunshine, friends round for tea and making new friends with new neighbours who live at the back of us. 

As my readers will know I play the clarinet and I go into school to help out with their clarinet lesson. My clarinet is 22 years old and unfortunately past its best so I've had to say goodbye to my old clarinet Tinkerbell, we've made a lot of memories together, learning to play, GCSE music, A level music, bands, orchestra, concerts, going on tour and helping to teach kids to play.  Farewell Tinkerbell and hello my new clarinet Pixie, the next chapter begins.

Today I have made a cake for tomorrow nights pudding, batter mix for tonights pudding of pancakes which the kids requested with choc spread and strawberry jam.

Whilst baking I unearthed my old long forgotten about ice lolly maker in the hope of warmer times to arrive soon, I found a plastic bag with something wrapped in newspaper, I opened and to my delight I'd unearthed a piece of vintage that we must of got with the house.  My absent minded find being a mint condition gravy jug and plate.  I love it. 
If my photos have worked you should see both my new clarinet and my vintage find.  (Still getting use to blogging from a tablet lol).

Any other vintage lovers out there?  What pieces do you like the most?

Have fun
Dawn x