Saturday, 1 March 2014


Well hello,

We are enjoying a weekend together this week, J is off work for three days and took Princess and Pixie to Asda for a top up shop, whilst I took Peaches for a long overdue mummy and Peaches day (thanks to illnesses etc).  Peaches is a very happy girl she came from town doing her excited skipping clutching her one direction poster book (from the pound shop) and sweets to share with her sisters.

I managed to get the bits I needed to finish of J's birthday present for next week and I am really pleased to say that I have been paid £40 cash back from Quidco which quite frankly couldn't have come at a better time as I now have the money to pay for Peaches school trip so I am happy!

J has been making Pixie's clock and rabbit ears for her world book day costume I knitted her bunny tail in the week (pictures to follow once ears are dry).  We have saved £20-30 by making both Peaches and Pixie's outfits from things we already have at home, which is good as we really do not have the money spare at the moment.

I have managed to keep my weekly grocery shop to just £80 including treats and wine for date night tonight (much cheaper than going out for a meal, we had to cancel our last one due to lack of finances after buying the car).  My weekly budget for groceries is £90 so slowly gaining back some money.

We have been having fakeaways instead of takeaways since buying the car which are cheaper and probably much healthier, we had slipped back into old ways lol and now having a re evaluate.

Princess is on energy watch (she takes meter readings weekly) she has been turning off lights etc and this week our electricity bill has halved.  I've also been able to peg out this week which makes life easier and no dryer is needed.

Tomorrow Princess is off on an all day trip with the Brownies, so think of me when your having a lie in and I'm stood out in the cold waving her off at 8.30am.

Hope your all having a fabulous Saturday.

Love Dawn.