Sunday, 6 April 2014

Its stopped raining, quick everybody lets plant

Yesterday saw burnout for me and a cracking headache, it is the come down after continuously being on the go, I even had to have a nanna nap in the afternoon to get shot of the headache.

Today is a totally different story I'm full of energy much the annoyance of a slightly hungover J.  By 9am I had the 1st load of washing on, myself and three children up, fed, bathed and dressed and one bed already stripped ready for the washer.  We bought some seeds a few weeks back and have just been waiting for the right time to plant them.  The kids each chose different flowers and J chose 2 chilli plants.  Shown above is three happy ladies who wanted to share their planting with you.  It doesn't look to sparkling out there today but we have started to sort out the back yard. 

Our aim is to line the outside of the yard with pretty flowers (as well as herbs and a strawberry plant in pots) and then the kids have the biggest space possible in which they can play (we're hoping for a nice summer).

We have moved pots, brushed out the yard and found what we think is the cause of a damp problem in our kitchen and removed it all.  I then attacked the moss covered flag stones with boiling water and washing powder mixed and a yard brush.  Right now I feel epic but I reckon tomorrow I will feel the pain from my hard graft lol.

During the clean up we came across;  snails, woodlice, an ants nest( now evicted) spiders (eek) and worms plus foul smelling water that J spilled over his foot ( he wasn't impressed).

Anyway washers finished now so need empty and refill it again.

Happy spring people!