Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Vintage gifts


Do you ever have one of those days of normalness, a day spent doing normal everyday tasks?  We have had a mixed day of fun,  we have had a visit from granny and grandad who gifted us vintage Lego circa 1984 onwards and a vintage suitcase circa 1960's full of dressing up outfits for the kids.  My dad   (2 grandads is very confusing) is also round at our house today helping us out by fixing a few things for us whilst we keep the coffee flowing.

Other than a quick bob to Aldi for fresh stuff (not sure when fresh stuff began to include a shower head and shower curtain but there you go lol)

A normal sort of day really, a house full of people who care about us and likewise.

Ah well the kids are ensconced making castles etc out of lego, I'm  snuggled up on the sofa, plugged into the radio cracking on with making a scarf for myself for once. 

Have fun

Dawn x