Sunday, 27 April 2014

Weekends, party, whoops and makes


This weekend has seen me and J at a surprise 40th birthday party, (pic of me ready for the house party).  The whoops bit of my weekend regards the Pic of the in pieces mobile phone.  ( so I am currently without a mobile talk about a return to the 90's).  My mobile phone met its watery fate when I accidentally knocked a full cup of blackcurrent over it I then went to grab a sewing needle to ping off back of it and release my battery and sim card.  Unfortunately the sewing needle pinged off instead and I'm still yet to find it?????? I've looked everywhere but it has disappeared into thin air it seems.

Lastly I have been making away (pic of bookmark) I've been making jewellery and scarf's for my shop and I am looking into doing a craft fair, I have also been making special teacher bookmarks ready to list for the end of summer term.  I'm now currently taking orders for these so if you'd like one please go to;

Payments through PayPal.

Hope your having fun in the sun!

Right I best go think of the best way to dry my phone out and hope it works afterward.

Have fun Dawn x