Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Parties and gifts

Hello everyone,

Two of my little ladies have parties this weekend, I have bought books as gifts and made these personalised bookmarks to go with them.  I like a gift that has had thought put into it so I hope these will be happily received.  I have booked a party for my daughter Peaches for July in a local soft play as a plan b.  My plan a was a party at home but due to current kaos of decorating not to mention the cat still has fleas that I am fighting on a daily basis.

My current regime is wiping down all sofas daily in vinegar and water spray, tons of hoovering and putting salt on the carpet (to dry the lil beggars up)  if anyone else has any eco/ child friendly tips for getting rid of them please do share.  Poor Gomez has only ever had them once before when we first got him and we used the insecticide spray but that was before we had kids and asthmatic lungs.  Gomez has been frontlined and has fallen out with us now he comes back for feeding and then disappears.  The only plus point in all of this that it is in just the one room (he never bothers with the other rooms in the house).

This week sees me helping out at school on Thursday and Friday (Friday is a school trip with nursery children) I also have been asked by Princess if I'll make some bookmarks for school enterprise day next week, so i've lots to keep me busy.  I'll try get some pics of them to show you.

Have fun

Dawn x