Sunday, 29 June 2014

Where did the weekend go....

Hiya folks

We've had a very busy weekend this is how it went for us,

Saturday saw us at a wedding in Coventry it was my husband's cousin's wedding and it was a lovely wedding although the rain was awful when it rained IT RAINED!  We travelled there and back in the same day so we were shattered today, have a lie I here you say.  In this house you'll be lucky the girls had me up before 6am an horrendous hour for a Sunday.

Sunday saw us in Asda (not planned) thanks to headlice, luckily we've caught it early and only one person in the house has them (all treated now!)   Princess had a big brownie birthday bash to go to today which we thought was inside turns out it wasn't so she now has caught the sun.

Peaches has had a temperature all day and no other symptoms (all very strange) Unsure if she will make it to school yet will reassess this in the morning.

I went to the cinema this afternoon we the my mum, dad, sister and neice we had a great time watching Mrs Brown's boys, I totally reccomend it.

Tonight I've got a cracking headache and a burning face (probably blood pressure) so tired and tucked up on sofa with the cat whose decided to come inside and relax on the sofa.

I've also done 3 loads of washing, showered kids, done dishes, cooked tea and sorted out uniforms for tomorrow.

Really shattered now so I'll be back soon.

Dawn x