Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A normal day doing normal things


I'm pleased to say that Peaches is back to normal health and back in school today, she kept telling me yesterday she wanted to go to school because she misses her friends and  "I feel better now" well you do when the calpol kicks in don't you.  Last night she finally managed to shake off the temperature and I got to sleep the whole night in my own bed instead of top and tailing with my ill daughter in a single bed sharing the one direction bedcover.

Yesterday mainly consisted of cleaning and tidying up after the weekend, looking after Pixie and Peaches and the odd school run.

Today I dropped Princess and Peaches at school, Princess is singing in a concert tonight with school she is very excited.

We also have a very excited Peaches because tomorrow is her birthday she's going to be 7 and she can't wait.  She is having a party next week at soft play so no doubt the excitement will continue.  That reminds me I need to put the list of names into the soft play tomorrow.  I've also just paid the final payment for the holiday today.  Talk about skint lol its a good job I budget for these things isn't it!