Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cheaper ways to clean

Well hello

Another hot one here today so here I am sat out in the shade after a morning of hard graft tidying up, washing and cleaning through.

I was running low on my cleaning materials so dug out my big bottles to decant.  I thought I would share with you my secrets of how to get more in life for less money, without compromising on performance.

Firstly the shops I tend to use the most are Aldi and Asda, Aldi is the cheapest so I use this the most.

Hand wash

I have an old hand wash bottle that I refill with bubble bath (see pic) the bubble costs about 55p from Aldi and I usually get 3-4 bottles refilled for this.

When you think you have emptied the bottle stand it on its head to get the last bits out. (as shown in pic)

Surface cleaner

I use an old spray bottle and this is refilled with all in one disinfectant and filled with water.  I get about 8-10 bottles refilled out of the big bottle.  The big bottle cost less than a £1 and I use it to clean kitchen, bathroom, kitchen and porch floors.  A big bottle last ages.


Me and J keep this on us especially as we tend to go on buses a lot which are not very clean, the little bottle costs anything up to a £1 and so does the large one, we have a little bottle each that we refil from the large one.