Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hopes thats the end of the bad luck now

Well hello lovely peeps,

Today has been a day of buses, removal of Pixie's plaster cast, she has been discharged from hospital now and was smiling the whole entire time they removed her cast she has been signed off by the doctor and was really happy.  She shouted "yes I can see my toes" and gave them a good itch before we even left the fracture clinic she asked if she can go on her bike when she gets home, lol.  Unfortunately it decided to rain so the bike riding didn't happen.  Instead she tested out her fixed foot by bouncing round the living room with on her space hopper and then enjoyed a nice soak in the bath with her mermaid dolls.

I came home put the washer is on (like you do) and now it has broken. Arghhhhh just as you get one thing sorted in life and you think your winning something else decides to go wrong.

I really believe I've had my share off bad things now and it is deffo time for some good luck for a change!

That's all folks