Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday afternoon challenge anyone

Well hello

Today Pixie decided what she wanted to spend her birthday money on, and here it is the Monday afternoon challenge a new bike to put together.  I managed to get a good deal on this bike it was on sale at 20 off the original price.  Princess still has birthday money left and wanted to buy a monster high scooter on Thursday when its strike day at school but as I was at the shop I've picked it up for her early, so she has a nice surprise when she gets home from school.

Thursday is strike day for us that means 2 kids out of school and one in school so I'm off to town to get them trainers sorted out as I need 2 sets of feet with me to try them on and Princess wants to sign up to a reading challenge at the library so its quite handy really lol.

Peaches also has birthday money to spend so we're toy shopping on Thursday as well.

It's all fun here.

See ya later

Dawn x